Rare Coin Values Index

The Rare Coin Values Index follows the percent change movements of 87 carefully selected United States coins. The purpose of the Index is to assess the overall direction of the U.S. rare coin market over a period beginning in January 2000 to the current month.

Rare Coin Values Index Since 2000

Rare Coin Values Index: Since Year 2000

The chart above graphs the combined percent change in retail prices for 87 rare United States coins since January 2000, starting at an index baseline of 100. The purpose of the Index is to estimate the direction and strength of the market for rare United States coins. The coin market was very strong from 2003-09, reaching its peak in March/April 2009 at an Index rating of 370.51. Since then, the overall movement of the Index has been positive, albeit barely, not breaching the 400 point level until late 2017. The numbers in ear;y 2022 are at an all time high. See chart below for blow up of Index movements over the last 12 months.

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The next Rare Coin Values Index chart focuses on the last 12 months. It is generated from the same body of data as the chart above, except it's "blown up" to give the reader a closer view of the most recent coin market activity.

Rare Coin Values Last 12 months

Rare Coin Values Index: Over Last 12 Months

This chart is a close up of the most recent 12 months of Rare Coin Values Index activity. As the 12 month chart indicates, the Index crept steadily higher throughout 2021. As we entered 2022, it registered a 3.58 point jump to a new record high of 442.11. In January 2021, the Index stood at 434.22, so throughout 2021 the Index rose by 7.89 points, or 1.82%, with most of that occurring over the last six months. The good news about this slow, but positive Index direction is that no one is talking about a “bubble” popping, as what occurred in the late 1970s and again in the late 1980s, following a ridiculously fast run up in coin prices. As of early 2022, the rare coin market is strong and stable, and appears to be gathering steam.. The Rare Coin Value Index is based on the combined percent change in retail prices for 87 rare United States coins and is updated monthly.

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How is the Index calculated?

Once a month, for each coin in the Index, the current retail value is estimated and compared to the previous month's estimated value, and a percent difference is computed (it could be positve, negative, or no change). The percent difference for all 87 coins are added together and divided by 87 to come up with an average percent difference of the entire group. Thus, each coin in the Index carries equal weight. Let's call this result the Current Month Index, or CMI. The previous month's Index score is multiplied by (1+CMI) to arrive at an updated Index score.

How should I interpret the Index score?

You should interpret the Index score as a percent change in value collectively of the 87 coins that comprise the Index, which were chosen to represent the rare U.S. coin market as a whole. The Index begins in January 2000 at a baseline score of 100. Since, for example, the Index reached 400 in November 2017, you could say overall the prices of rare U.S. coins quadrupled over that nearly 18 year period. In January 2022, the Index stands at 442.11, indicating the rare coin market as a whole is about 4.42 times higher than it was in January 2000.

Where does the value data come from?

We obtain coin values to input into the Index computation from a variety of widely respected coin price guides.

How were the 87 coins in the Index chosen?

Our objective was to choose a cross section of coins whose value fluctuations represented that of the overall market for rare United States coins. We focused on key dates the serious collector of average to above average means commonly aspires to own. The vast majority of coins tracked in the Index are in circulated grades, typical of the examples residing within the holdings of the rank and file collector. There are no ultra rarieties in the Index.

Which coins were chosen for the Index?

Meet the 87 coins that comprise the Rare Coin Values Index:

Members of the Rare Coin Values Index
Date Coin Type Grade Est. Retail Value Jan 2022
1793 Liberty Cap Left Half Cent G-4 4000
1802 2/0 Rev 1802 Draped Bust Half Cent G-4 900
1793 Chain AMERI. Flowing Hair Large Cent G-4 10000
1794 Starred Rev Liberty Cap Large Cent G-4 35000
1799 Draped Bust Large Cent G-4 6500
1856 Flying Eagle Cent G-4 6500
1877 Indian Head Cent G-4 600
1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent G-4 600
1914-D Lincoln Cent G-4 170
1922-D (No D) Lincoln Cent G-4 550
1864 Small Motto Two Cent F-12 425
1865 Three Cent Silver PF-65 1750
1884 Three Cent Nickel F-12 925
1795 Flowing Hair Half Dime G-4 1400
1797 Draped Bust, Small Eagle Half Dime G-4 1500
1800 Draped Bust, Large Eagle Half Dime G-4 1100
1865 Seated Liberty Half Dime G-4 300
1879 Shield Nickel VG-8 575
1885 Liberty Nickel VG-8 600
1913-S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel G-4 325
1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel G-4 775
1937-D 3 Legs Buffalo Nickel G-4 475
1796 Draped Bust Dime G-4 2750
1822 Capped Bust Dime G-4 2000
1871-CC Seated Liberty Dime G-4 3250
1895-O Barber Dime G-4 525
1916-D Mercury Dime VG-8 1400
1942/1-D Mercury Dime VG-8 425
1875-CC Twenty Cent G-4 250
1796 Draped Bust, Small Eagle Quarter G-4 11500
1804 Draped Bust, Large Eagle Quarter G-4 4000
1823 Capped Bust Quarter G-4 40000
1870-CC Seated Liberty Quarter G-4 9000
1896-S Barber Quarter G-4 700
1901-S Barber Quarter G-4 4750
1916 Standing Liberty Quarter G-4 2900
1918/7-S Standing Liberty Quarter G-4 1150
1923-S Standing Liberty Quarter G-4 300
1932-D Washington Quarter F-12 100
1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar G-4 4500
1796 16 Stars Draped Bust Small Eagle Half Dollar G-4 40000
1815/12 Capped Bust Half Dollar G-4 1750
1836 Reed Edge Capped Bust Half Dollar G-4 1000
1870-CC Seated Liberty Half Dollar G-4 900
1892-O Barber Half Dollar G-4 300
1921-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar VG-8 350
1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar VG-8 60
1953-S Franklin Half Dollar MS-65 FBL 18000
1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar G-4 75000
1796 Draped Bust Small Eagle Silver Dollar G-4 1750
1801 Draped Bust Large Eagle Silver Dollar G-4 1000
1836 Gobrecht Dollar, Name on Base, Circ. Issue XF-40 12500
1873-CC Seated Liberty Dollar G-4 9000
1879 Trade Dollar PF-65 6350
1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar F-12 850
1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar F-12 3750
1895 Morgan Silver Dollar F-12 (PF Only) 35000
1928 Peace Dollar F-12 225
1849-C Cl. Wreath Type One Gold Dollar VF-20 1350
1855-D Type Two Gold Dollar VF-20 16750
1861-D Type Three Gold Dollar VF-20 33500
1796 No Stars Capped Bust $ 2.50 Quarter Eagle F-12 64500
1808 Capped Draped Bust $2.50 Quarter Eagle F-12 45000
1826 Capped Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle F-12 9500
1838-C Classic Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle F-12 3850
1848 CAL. Coronet $2.50 Quarter Eagle F-12 35000
1856-D Coronet $2.50 Quarter Eagle F-12 11500
1911-D Indian Head $2.50 Quarter Eagle XF-40 3500
1854-D Indian Head Three Dollar F-12 22500
1795 Capped Bust Small Eagle $5.00 Half Eagle F-12 20000
1800 Capped Bust Large Eagle $5.00 Half Eagle F-12 4250
1808 Capped Draped Bust $5.00 Half Eagle F-12 3500
1821 Capped Head $5.00 Half Eagle F-12 32500
1833 Large Date Capped Head $5.00 Half Eagle F-12 16500
1834 Cross 4 Classic Head $5.00 Half Eagle F-12 1300
1861-D Coronet $5.00 Half Eagle F-12 21500
1870-CC Coronet $5.00 Half Eagle F-12 18500
1909-O Indian Head $5.00 Half Eagle XF-40 7500
1795 9 Leaves Capped Bust Small Eagle $10 Eagle F-12 83500
1804 Capped Bust Large Eagle $10 Eagle F-12 20000
1841-O Coronet $10 Eagle F-12 6000
1879-CC Coronet $10 Eagle F-12 11250
1911-D Indian Head $10 Eagle XF-40 2150
1930-S Indian Head $10 Eagle XF-40 31250
1859-O Coronet $20 Double Eagle VF-20 16500
1907 Wire Rim St-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle XF-40 9950
1921 St-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle XF-40 47500

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