Coin Rate of Return Calculator

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Use our FREE Coin Rate of Return Calculator to determine how fast your collectible coin is increasing in value. The calculator will compute the effective compounded annual rate of return percentage.

How does it work? Go to the calculator found immediately below, and enter the required data according to instructions on the left. The necessary data consists of how much you paid for the coin, what it is worth today, and how long ago you bought it. The annual rate of return for your coin will then be calculated for you.

Please bear in mind this calculator computes effective compounded annual return rate growth percentage of your coin. The easiest way to understand what this means is by way of example:

Let's say you have a coin you purchased for $150 six years ago. You looked up the current value in today's market and discovered the coin now has a retail value of $250. When this data is fed into the calculator, the answer given is 8.88%.

This is NOT saying the coin increased 8.88% every year over the six year period. A better way to think of it is that the coin averaged an 8.88% increase annually over the six years.

Use the Coin Rate of Return Calculator

Coin % Rate of Return Calculator Instructions:

Step 1:
Enter the Purchase Price of the coin. Clear field first, if needed.

Step 2: Enter the Selling Price of the coin (or best estimate of what the coin is worth).

Step 3: Enter the number of Years Held. Count the year purchased as Year 1. For instance, a coin purchased in Year 2015 and sold in Year 2020 is held for 5 years. You may use entries such as 4.75 (for 4 years, 9 mos.) to fine tune your result.

Step 4: Then, click on the "Calculate Coin % Rate of Return" button to view the coin's compounded annual rate of return percentage.

This calculator does not compute negative rates of return. Therefore, the entered Purchase Price must always be less than the Selling Price. The number of Years Held must be 1 or more.

Coin Rate of Return Calculator

 Purchase Price of Coin
 Selling Price of Coin
 Years Held

EXAMPLE: Coin Purchase Price is $1,000. Selling Price is $2,000. Held for 4 years.

Step 1: Enter '1000' (without the apostrophes) for the Purchase Price. DON'T enter '1,000' (i.e. NO commas).

Step 2: Enter '2000' for the Selling Price. DON'T enter '2,000' (i.e. NO commas).

Step 3: Enter '4' for the Years Held.

Step 4: Click "Calculate Coin Annual % ROR" button.

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