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Images Used on This Site
Carson City Mint 1879
The photo above is of the Carson City Mint building as it appeared in 1879. This usage is typical of many images seen throughout this website. Image courtesy of Library of Congress.

The images used on the site are classified as one of the following: A) work strongly believed to be in the public domain, as specified by current copyright law, B) copyrighted material reproduced with permission, or C) work we believe qualifies under the Fair Use provision of the copyright law.

Wherever practical, credit for images used, even those in the public domain, is given. Many public domain images on this site were found through the Library of Congress and the National Archives. Occasionally, a public domain image appearing on this site was scanned from an out of print history book, where accreditation was virtually meaningless. Under these circumstances, the phrase "Public domain image" was invoked in the caption. These images thusly captioned were all originally published prior to 1923, and almost certainly belong to the public domain, as specified by current copyright law.

It is not our intention here at US Coin Values Advisor to infringe upon anyone's copyright. All efforts have been made to use images on this site properly and responsibly. If any copyright owner objects to the use of any image appearing on these web pages, please contact us.

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