Coin Buying Recommended Resources

The links below give you access to knowledge about buying coins, plus some specific places you can go to purchase coins. Some of the links open new windows with results of pre-defined searches at Amazon and eBay.

Illustrated Guide to Coin Collecting
Guide to Coin Collecting
One-Minute Coin Expert
Coin Collecting for Dummies
Coin Collecting 101
Coin Collector's Survival Manual
Expert's Guide to Investing in Coins
eBay for Dummies
The Official eBay Bible

Coin Periodicals
Coin World
Numismatic News
Coins Magazine

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eBay Certified Coins
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Small Cents
Large Cents
Two Cents
Three Cents
Half Dimes
Twenty Cents
Half Dollars
Silver Dollars
Gold Dollars
Quarter Eagles
Three Dollars
Half Eagles
Double Eagles

Internet Auctions (non-eBay)
Goldberg Coins
Heritage Coins
Stacks Bowers
Great Collections
USA Coin Book
David Lawrence
Leonard Auction

Online Dealers
Quality Collectible Coins

Coin Show Calendar

Coin Clubs
Clubs Registered with ANA

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