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The Lincoln Cent Value Trend Report carries historical value trend data on most collectible dates in this series. If your goal is to select Lincoln Cents with the best potential for future price advancements, this report is for you.

The Lincoln Cent Value Trend Report is a valuable tool for numismatists seeking historical pricing data in support of Lincoln Cent collecting purchases.

This report:

    • Provides the Lincoln Cent collector with historic value trends over the last half century for individual coins dated 1909 through 1940, plus later date error varieties.

    • Identifies the Lincoln Cents with the best opportunity for solid future growth, based on proven past performance. Grades Good to Proof taken into consideration.

    • Designed for coin buyers who have long term value appreciation in mind.

    • Utilizes well organized data tables to record retail prices from past to present. Annual percentage return rates are employed to facilitate comparisons.

Please be aware our Lincoln Cent Report has not been updated since 2008 (which explains its super discount price). However, the report has great value, since dates with the best prospect of rising in value are almost always the same, whether the analysis was done a few years ago or yesterday.

Quite a few people collect Lincoln head pennies without an eye toward future price movements.  That's perfectly fine, not a thing wrong with that. In fact, many of us got started in the coin collecting hobby by pushing "Wheaties" into those blue Whitman coin folders (sometimes with the assistance of a hammer!).

However, many numismatists set a dual objective: pursue the hobby as an enjoyable pastime **AND** while they're at it, purchase collectible "Blue Chip" coins destined to rise strongly in value in the years ahead. These collectors wisely understand the importance of reselling someday, or passing along valuable heirlooms to their family or favorite charity. But...

How do I find "Blue Chip" coins?

That's the question many collectors struggle with but never accurately answer because they lack information.  So many dates and conditions, but only a tiny few end up rising in value faster than all the others. Yes, it is so bewildering!

Without any historical perspective into long term collector preferences, coin buyers of all stripes all too often saddle themselves down with coins having poor advancement potential.  Sadly, they discover this years after the fact.

The Lincoln Cent Value Trend Report is loaded with data.  From now on, base your Lincoln Cent purchase decisions on factual evidence of past performance. The most important guiding principle to best benefit from the report is this:

The coins most eagerly pursued by the collector base for many years will remain the "hot" coins in the future.

At the heart of the value trend report are the Coin Value Tables.  There is one table for each Lincoln Cent date. The tables are concise and easy to use. Here is a portion of a table:

Image Preview

Year: This column indicates the year for which the values in each row correspond to.

Grade: This row indicates coin grade, based on the ANA scale. Example: G-4 stands for Good-4.

Value: The example circled indicates this coin was worth $25.00 in VG-8 condition in the year 1975.

Return Rate %: Show the effective percentage annual return rate, from the year in the far left column to the present. The example circles indicates this coin in F-12 condition advanced at a rate of 9.02% annually from 1950 to 2008. The same coin grew at an annual rate of 8.45% from 2003 to 2008.

If you've managed to read this far down the page, you'll be happy to know you're almost to the end. Now that you understand how to benefit from the Coin Value Tables, here is something that might surprise you:

All Coin Value Tables are available online NOW, and FREE!

Yes, that's correct.  We have quite a few Coin Value Tables available right now online, ready for your usage.  The cost: $0.00.  There's no catch, no hoops to jump through, nothing.  Go to our Online Report page now and have at it.  When you're done, please come back here and learn more about downloading print friendly reports in PDF format.

The Lincoln Cent Value Trend Report is ready for immediate download to your computer.  You'll get the exact same historical value trend data seen in the online version.  The report is reconfigured for clean processing on your home printer. Keep the report on your desk for quick reference or take it to coin shows.  Even in this age of electronic information, a hard copy report is a handy tool to have at your fingertips.

But wait! There's more....

As an added bonus, we've developed a feature exclusively for the download reports called the Collector Index, the purpose of which is to estimate the level of collector interest for a given coin across the full grade spectrum.  The idea of the index is to help the coin collector interpret the data tables faster.

A high score suggests the coin attracts keen attention within the numismatic community, translating to good potential for solid future value growth; a low score means to expect a comparatively sluggish performance in the coin price guide.

In short, the Collector Index points out the "Blue Chip" coins we discussed earlier.

The index is found in the bottom row of every Coin Value Table in the print version. Here is how it appears:

Collector Index

The Collector Index is found in the bottom row of every Coin Value Table in the print version. It estimates the potential value growth for the highlighted coin in a range of conditions.

The Collector Index score is based on two measures:

    • Percentage Return Rates.  Strong value increases consistently over long periods of time carry the biggest clout in this component of the Index.

    • Current price range.  Coins with bigger price tags have a better chance of earning a good Index score compared to lesser coins. Why is this? Consider a coin that doubles in value from .50 to $1.00 over a five year period; in effect, this coin compounded annually at a rate of 14.67% over the five years. Nice, but who gets excited about a 50 cent gain? On the other hand, a coin that doubles from $250 to $500 over the same time is something to get jazzed about!

Collector Index Scorecard
A Highest score possible: generally an indication of true rarity and certain to ignite fierce bidding amongst collectors nearly every time offered for sale.
B A very good score: most likely destined to forever remain popular with collectors, placing consistent upward pressure on pricing.
C So-So score: won't initiate a lot of enthusiasm, but will always have a coin collection value because needed to complete a set.
D Low Score: contains some degree of numismatic value, but are rather plentiful and traditionally slow advancers.
F Not Applicable. Our philosophy is that we do not attach a failing score to any coin we report on. We respect too much these artifacts from bygone eras to in any way insinuate they're worthless in today's world. Many of you probably feel the same. Who among us wouldn't skip a heart beat upon spotting a worn 1936 Lincoln Cent in pocket change?.

How to Order

The Lincoln Cent Value Trend Report is an easy download. E-Junkie is used as a secure authorized transmitting agent for your safety. There are a few steps:

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  5. Soon thereafter, you'll receive an email with an E-Junkie link to download the Lincoln Cent Value Trend Report. The report is a PDF file of 364 Kb.
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Within a few minutes, you can be holding the report in your hands.  Take your time, study the data, compare trends, and utilize the Collector Index to carefully plan your next Lincoln Cent purchase.

Money Back Guarantee

We're confident you will be happy with this report. However, if for any reason, this report does not live up to your expectations, we offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, 30-Day 100% refund. You can't lose!

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